Mask of venice by jiuge

Basic informationEdit

  • Full name: Lawrence Emmanuel Ravenwood
  • Age: 17 (23rd May 1995)
  • Gender: male
  • Lives: Daniel Ravenwood's estate (formerly Nezabar, Tiger Shark)
  • Partner: Frank Birmingham
  • Labels: Naxeldir, human, mentalist, seer, healer, gay



Lawrence was born as the son of the second Ravenwood brother, Robert. His mother is Jessica, and he had a little sister named Amina, who was his favourite... but that's probably not surprising. Amina was everyone's favourite, she was the one whom even Faith didn't ever hurt (and while we're at it, Robert's room did burn down after Amina died, even though he wasn't seriously injured). Because yes, Amina died, when she was seven. The official reason were the wolves in the forest and a careless adult who didn't lock the gate, but everyone knew that Amina didn't show any sign of magic... and everyone knew how Robert thought of squibs.

Nezabar YearsEdit

Home againEdit





Timothy FinnEdit

Timothy is a typical nice guy. He's two years younger than Lawrence, and was basically his very first crush. His whole family works for Daniel so they lived on the estate, too, and Lawrence wrote a love letter to him when he was eight, but Timothy freaked out and ran away. Later, even if they didn't forget it, the wounds more-or-less healed, and they managed to maintain a friendship between them.

Chris StrifeEdit

Chris was a typical nice guy when Lawrence met him, and honestly, Lawrence was the one to be kind of jerkish. But still, they became friends, and Lawrence slowly fell in love with him... then saw him with Jana, and told himself that it's only because Chris is straight. Then saw him with Jack, and he didn't have anything to tell himself anymore. Even though they drifted away from each other a bit before he left the school, they still exchange letters, and he still thinks of Chris as a friend... which is becoming more and more easier as he actually gets over him.

Hunyadvári SzevérEdit

Szevér is a typical nice guy, or at least he seems so. Lawrence's love towards him was never as strong as towards Chris, but he definitely had a crush on the boy... and of course, this wasn't recruited either. Since he left the school they don't really keep in touch, a few letters every now and then, but that's all.

Frank BirminghamEdit

Short version: Frank is Frank. Long version: Frank and Lawrence met because Frank's parents sent him to a British noble family to teach him manners. Lawrence was pretty distant towards him as first, as he usually is towards new people, and of course, he gave Frank as many tasks as it was possible. But even though Frank sometimes bursted out saying that he hates Lawrence... he's enough of a seer and a mentalist to know that this isn't true.

New York, New YorkEdit